Pioneering ingestible
therapeutic devices

Treating chronic diseases
through our core

Epitomee develops paradigm-shifting ingestible
devices that deploy targeted therapies along the GI tract

Designed with anatomy in mind

A platform technology with various applications

Weight management

Chronic disease management

Engineered for comfortable and effective use

The function, duration, and specific location of Epitomee’s therapies can be adapted and controlled, enabling mechano-sensory stimulation, targeted drug delivery and absorption management.


Packed in a swallowable
standard size capsule

Targeted deployment

Controlled activation in
specific regions along the stomach,
duodenum, and small intestine

Transient activity

Set duration of interaction,
followed by dissolvement
and eviction through
natural bowel movements


We partner with multinational industry leaders to commercialize new applications
that fit their strategic needs. Together, we seek to advance innovative therapies
that significantly improve people’s lives.