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Explore the world of ingestible therapeutic devices. Keep up with the latest oral delivery & weight management industry insights, and emerging technologies from Epitomee.


Introducing Ingestible Therapeutic Devices: The Future of Oral Biologics Delivery

Health treatments come in many shapes and forms but undoubtedly, the preferred way to deliver treatment into our body is the oral route. Nothing is easier than popping a pill or chugging your medicine and waiting for them to work their magic.  The pharmaceutical industry has long since identified the potential and is developing ingestible therapeutic devices – the next generation of oral drugs. Ingestible therapeutic devices are swallowable devices that can either carry drugs
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Overcoming the Oral Route Challenges With a Mucoadhesive Matrix Patch Technology

When it comes to the administration of drugs, the oral route has long been the most convenient path of delivery, making it also the most popular. Its ease of application renders it superior to alternative routes such as subcutaneous and IV injections when it comes to achieving high compliance rates, but other factors present several challenges for utilizing this route with all types of medications, such as biologics (proteins and peptides).   The difficult case
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Epitomee Is Scaling Up for Mass Production of Weight Management Platform

Epitomee builds its first production facility   After years of scientific research and development of our simple and safe, game-changing weight loss capsule, it is finally time to transition to mass production and really start to change the way weight loss and metabolic disorders are treated worldwide. In fact, Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has decided to partner with us and commercialize our product globally. NHSc’s global reach will bring new exciting opportunities and we are
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