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Transforming the burdensome
administration of biologics

with a convenient and effective
oral delivery device

Controlled absorption through direct contact

Targeted, protected, and assisted delivery of biologics by affixing the payload to the intestinal wall without interrupting the flow of digested food


Swallowable capsule reaches the small intestine


Expanding into a semi rigid
hexagonal tube as a reaction
to intestinal pH levels


Muco-adhesive layer ensures
direct contact with intestinal
wall for protected absorption
of biologic payload

Scaffold Dissolving

After pressing it against the
intestinal wall, the inner scaffold disintegrates to reveal
a hollow hexagonal tube

Payload Delivery

Once contact is achieved
the biologic payload is released
in a controlled manner for a
predetermined period of time

Delivery & Clearout

When planned substance
release is done, the device
disintegrates and clears naturally

The benefits of targeted delivery

Several factors limit the bioavailability of orally administered drugs and hinder the effectiveness of many treatments. In most cases drug absorption is impossible due to inactivation or destruction by gastric acid and digestive juices or enzymes in the GI tract, changes in drug solubility, or narrow absorption windows.
Millions of patient suffering from chronic diseases require biologics treatments that can only be delivered by daily, weekly, or monthly subcutaneous or IV injections. These injections are often painful and time consuming and lead to low adherence to treatment protocols. Shifting from injections to a swallowable capsule could improve the lives of millions of people by helping them adhere to their prescribed treatments.
We’re now open to partnerships on our biologics delivery platform.