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Transforming weight

with a drug-free,
Daily Treatment

Approved for sale in Europe

A shapeshifting capsule that imitates solid food

Activating key pathways involved in the regulation of food intake both in the brain and the stomach


Easily swallowable
capsule reaches
the stomach


Expanding into a semi rigid
triangular shape as a reaction
to stomach’s pH levels


Interacting with stomach’s
mechanical sensors,
inducing early satiety and
modified gastric emptying

Clearing out

After several hours in the stomach,
the device moves to the intestine
and disintegrates within minutes


Weight management

Waist circumference reduction

Cardiovascular risk factors reduction

Designed with
anatomy in mind

Epitomee’s weight-loss capsule expands
into a semirigid triangle, that interacts with
the stomach wall without interrupting
the flow of digested solids or fluids

Assisting the body to lose weight naturally

A safe and easy way to feel satiated – User Guide